Five Monkeys BBQ Sauce

Five Monkeys BBQ Sauce

Five Monkeys BBQ SauceFive Monkeys BBQ SauceFive Monkeys BBQ Sauce

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Services and Locations

Services and Locations

Services and Locations

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Services and Locations

Services and Locations

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Services and Locations

Current Deals

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Big News

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Services and Locations



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11359 Newport Rd

Ballico, Ca 95303

Twin Rivers Saloon**

7000 Maze Blvd

Modesto, Ca 95358

St. Stans** 

1028 11th St

Modesto, Ca 95354

Piccadilly Deli & Sandwich Shop**

941 10th St

Modesto, Ca 95354

Food Fix Truck**

Click the link above to find the truck!

Del Rio Country Club

801 Stewart Rd

Modesto, CA 95356 

**Restaurants that also have bottles for sale



Raley's/Nob Hill

Company Wide (coming soon!!)

Village Fresh Market

2090 E Canal Dr

Turlock, Ca 95380

The Market at La Comisaria

 500 7th St

 Modesto, Ca 95354

Cost Less Food

901 N Carpenter Rd, Unit 5

Modesto, Ca 95351

O'Brien's Market

4120 Dale Rd

Modesto, Ca 95356

Rinaldi's Market

4625 N Duncan Rd

Linden, Ca 95236

Mar-Val Food Stores


Valley Springs

Austin's Meat Services

126 S Walnut Ave

Ripon, CA 95366 

Save Mart Stores

Company Wide

Food Maxx Stores

Company Wide

*Note: Highlighted store names link to the websites of those grocers

Big News


Q: Why is the sugar content so high?

A: In comparison to alternative barbecue sauces, our sugar content is fairly low. We chose to use real sugar instead of another alternative because we wanted to keep the ingredients natural. We didn't want our label plagued with ingredients that our customers are unfamiliar with.

Q: How did you come up with your name?

A: Our original name was Iron Monkey BBQ Sauce, named after a nickname given to George, the creator. Unfortunately, due to some trademark issues, we decided ro change the name to Five Monkeys BBQ Sauce because of the five members of our family.

Q: How did you come up with your recipe?

A: It was born out of necessity when we realized we didn't have any while dinner was cooking once around 8 years ago. After researching various bbq recipes, we concocted one of our own. The first try was a success!!

Q: Why is the shipping cost so high?

A: The cost of our shipping is always more than what we charge the customer. For the lowest shipping cost ($7.00), you can order up to 3 bottles. For the $13.00 shipping cost, you can order up to 8 bottles. The shipping cost does goes down (per bottle) the more you order. This is the best way to get more bang for your buck.

Q: Are there any more flavors to look forward to?

A: You're in luck! Our Five Monkeys team has been testing, brainstorming, and creating lately and two new flavors will be available soon. Look forward to trying our Orange Chili and Scotch Whiskey sauces. Orange Chili pairs incredibly well with seafood, while the Scotch Whiskey brings some oak flavor to your pork and other red meats.

Q: Is there a gulten free option?

A: We have been working tirelessly in the test kitchen to bring you a gluten free sauce. The recipes have been deemed so and you can look forward to seeing our gluten free sauce on shelves soon!


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